Doxycycline and Alcohol

Can I drink Doxycycline and alcohol?

Can I drink Doxycycline and alcoholDoxycycline and alcoholic beverages: is concurrent use permitted?

In the instructions for many drugs, a separate line is information about its compatibility with alcohol. Some drugs can be easily drunk with alcohol. Antibiotics are among the drugs that have a wide range of side effects when taken with hot drinks.

Therefore, it is important to know when you are using any medication is strictly forbidden to drink. One of the drugs that require special attention is Doxycycline.

Doxycycline and alcoholic beverages

Due to entry into the tetracycline group, Doxycycline is also produced by a radiant fungus. In comparison with tetracycline, the drug has a higher efficacy and less toxicity. Despite this property, doxycycline and alcohol together are not recommended. This is due to one of the strongest side effects of the drug - a hepatoxic effect on liver cells.

The usual doses of the drug, prescribed during therapeutic treatment, do not damage the liver due to low exposure. If the medicine is drunk during a long course, and also together with substances that actively influence the liver, the level of hepatoxic effect increases at times.

Alcoholic beverages cause a serious toxic effect on liver cells. Therefore, the combination of Doxycycline and alcohol can be harmful to this organ.

The level of influence can be assessed in combination with many factors:

  • Alcohol level of the drink (beer, wine, vodka, etc.);
  • The accepted dose of alcohol;
  • Individual characteristics of the body;
  • Heredity.

Some patients can safely reschedule the simultaneous intake of medication and alcohol. For others, this combination can lead to toxic hepatitis. Therefore, it can be noted that the effect manifests itself depending on the degree of reaction of the organism to the active substances.

In addition to affecting the liver of the patient, both components affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. If vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal pain, nausea occur when taking Doxycycline, then this can be attributed to typical side effects.

With simultaneous reception with alcohol, these effects can significantly increase, as well as lead to ulcers of the mucosa of the esophagus, stomach, intestines.

Consequences of taking the drug with alcohol

Doxycycline and alcoholic beveragesMany people do not think how much harm beer can inflict on the body if you drink it with Doxycycline. After all, alcohol affects not only the state of the human body, but also the effect of the drug during treatment.

Reception of antibiotics provides a course in which a certain dose of the active substance must be drunk. In fact one tablet is not capable to resist to influence of microbes. During the intake of the drug in the body, the level of the active substance necessary for controlling the infection is accumulated.

If the treatment is interrupted, the disease remains untreated, since the dose of the drug may not be enough to eliminate all microorganisms. In addition, the bacteria are able to absorb the active substance, which subsequently leads to the development of immunity to this group of antibiotics.

Ethanol, contained in alcohol, produces a cleavage of Doxycycline and removes the substance from the body, interrupting the accumulation process. In this situation, we can state the interruption of the therapeutic course.

Extremely low compatibility of alcohol with Doxycycline leads to the risk of various consequences.

1. As a result of this combination, the risk of inflammation of the duodenum increases.

2. With a simultaneous admission, the patient may have serious vomiting, diarrhea may appear, which lead the body to dehydration.

3. During the wrong treatment, combined with the intake of alcohol, the patient may lose consciousness.

4. Sometimes with severe lesions, there is evidence of anaphylactic shock. In this case, you can identify the strongest allergic reaction.

5. When drinking alcoholic drinks, the appearance of liver diseases and inflammation of the adrenal glands.

6. The combination of drugs and alcohol affects the nervous system. In this case, there is the appearance of drowsiness or excitation, speech slowness, hallucinations, seizures, disorientation, consciousness, heart rhythm.

Joint use of alcoholic beverages and Doxycycline can significantly increase many of the side effects of the drug. Sometimes the reaction of the body manifests itself instantly, no matter how much alcohol was drunk. Therefore, before taking an antibiotic it is worth considering whether it is worth to drink beer and alcoholic beverages, or abstain for the period of treatment. After all, this can lead to serious consequences.

Alcohol intake is possible one day after the completion of the course.

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